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#20 Tommy Moore/ Jimmy Sexton, Pitcher/ Shortstop

Tommy Moore was in college in Cerritos, CA and would be chosen by the Minnesota Twins in 1969. He decided not to play for them and would stay in school only to be chosen the next year by the New York Mets. Tommy decided to take a chance and would slowly make his way through the Mets system to get a chance in three games in 1972 and 1973. Tommy would spend 1974 with the Tidewater Tides in 1974 and would be sent to the St. Louis Cardinals after that season for Joe Torre. After getting to see a little time with the Redbirds, Tommy was sent to the Texas Rangers in June of that same '75 season.  The Rangers thought it was best for Tommy to be with the Sacramento Solons for the 1976 season, and the Mariners would buy his contract after that season. The Mariners coaching staff decided to have Tommy in the bullpen to start the season, and he would hit the mound in 14 games before spending the rest of the season with the Spokane Indians in AAA. After the first season in Seattle, the team sent Tommy and Carlos Lopez to Baltimore for Mike Parrott. The Orioles would let Mr. Moore go after the spring of 1978 and that would be last we would see of Tommy Moore.

from 1977 Topps update blog

Tommy's 1990 Senior League card from the trading card database

Jimmy Sexton was more than happy to sign with a team like the Pittsburgh Pirates as a free agent in the summer of 1970. It was a slow progression for him through the farm system for a marginal player with many good players ahead of him to the goal of the Pirates infield. After playing at AA Shreveport and AAA Charleston in the 1976 season, the Pirates would send Jimmy and Craig Reynolds to the Mariners in December to bring Grant Jackson to the Steel City. With Craig implanted to play for the M's, Jimmy would play for the San Jose Missions in 1977. When Seattle expanded rosters in September, Jimmy finally got his chance seeing his first time on September 2nd and would get into 14 games during that 1977 season. Two days short of being brought to Seattle, Jimmy would be sent to the Houston Astros to bring Leon Roberts to the Mariners. Jimmy would get good time for two years in Houston but would eventually get sent to Oakland, and would see AAA and major league time with the A's, White Sox, and Cardinals systems. Jimmy decided after a few games in AAA in 1984 he told the Cardinals he was done with baseball at age 32.

from 1977 Topps update blog

Jimmy's first appearance on a baseball card

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