Saturday, February 15, 2014

#19 Bob Galasso, Pitcher

If you were an 18 year old kid and don't get drafted you would be disappointed. That would change if you were signed by a pitching rich team like the Baltimore Orioles. If you aren't a pitcher on that level of ability though, you can expect to spend some time in the minor leagues working on your game. If you really haven't had any good seasons and suddenly you turn it all around at AAA Rochester in 1976, you think good things. For Bob all it got him was unprotected for the expansion draft, and he would be chosen with the 21st pick by the Seattle Mariners. Because the Mariners didn't have a set farm system for the first year, players were all over the minors. Bob would spent a little time with the Toledo Mud Hens, and the New Orleans Pelicans in 1977. Finally on July 24th of the season, Bob made it to the majors with the Mariners for the first of 11 games. Seattle would let Bob go after spring training in 1978 and was quickly signed by the Milwaukee Brewers. Bob would stay in AAA for 1978, and would start 1979 in AAA only to spend most of the rest of the season in Milwaukee. Sadly, he would find his way back to AAA for the 1980 season. As is common, history would repeat itself as Bob would be released by the Brewers at the end of the 1981 spring, only to be signed by the Mariners. After a little time as a Spokane Indian, Bob would come across the state and be back with the Seattle Mariners. After being out of baseball for two seasons, Bob tried to come back with the Atlanta Braves in 1984, but would be with AAA Richmond that year and would let the game go after that year.

Bob didn't get a card for 1977, but Topps would use a picture from that season on his 1982 card. Bob wore 19 for that first season, and in 1981 the uniforms had changed and Bob wore 43 that year.

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