Wednesday, December 25, 2013

#10 Larry Milbourne, Infield

Larry Milbourne was a player that could play three of the four infield positions and play it fairly well. He wasn't much of a hitter, but could get you a sacrifice when you need it. Larry had a tendency to double dip with teams. During his career he would be Yankee twice, and also make two go rounds with the Mariners. After spending some time in the majors with the Astros, the Mariners would trade Roy Thomas to Houston just before the 1977 season to bring Larry to Seattle. Mr. Milbourne would spend most of his time playing shortstop, but put in almost as much time at second base, and some little stops over at the hot corner. After the 1980 season the Mariners shipped Larry off to New York with a PTBNL for Brad Gulden and cash. Six months later, they send Brad back to the Yankees to complete the deal.

Larry would be a Yankee only to move onto Minnesota, Cleveland, Philadelphia, and eventually back to the Bronx. Then before the 1984 season, the Mariners came calling to New York and traded two players to bring Larry back to Seattle. After that season in 1984, Larry was finding that there were many rookies coming up behind him for the infield positions and tried to hold on by playing in AAA with the Calgary Cannons for the Mariners. The writing was on the wall and at age 34, Larry walked away from the game in the 1985 season.


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