Saturday, November 2, 2013

Fly by night, and ready, set sail!!

As you may know through the history of baseball, the Pilots were a one year team. As they were to head north for Seattle to start the 1970 season, the team was secretly sold to a car salesman named Bud Selig and moved to Milwaukee.  While the team was not a big success in Seattle, they weren't give the time to get to be the Northwest's team.

Thankfully for the fans in Seattle, Sen. Slade Gorton would fight MLB to bring a team back in time for the 1977 season. The city and King County would build a multi purpose domed facility for the soon to be Mariners, and the expansion NFL Seahawks. Sadly for the fans of the new team would have to deal with another re run of the 1969 team.

The Pilots would consist of a bunch of has been's, could be's, and never will be's. They would show that with a 64-98 season in Seattle. When the Mariners would come to be, they were in the same boat with the cast of characters in their first season would match the Pilots with a 64-98 record. Sadly, the team would take 14 seasons just to finally make it to a .500 season in 1991. The team would finally make the postseason in 1995, and would make it again in 1997, and 2000. In the 2001 season the Mariners would tie the record for wins in a season with 116, but would fall in the ALCS. Since the 2002 season, it was been a wasteland of success in Seattle baseball.

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