Saturday, March 16, 2013

#40 Jerry Stephenson, Pitcher

Jerry was a very short timer for the Pilots. He saw 1 2/3 innings on June 29th in LA against the Angels. His only other appearance was in Minnesota against the Twins for an inning on July 12th. He never got a chance to pitch in the home whites in Sick's Stadium.

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Jerry was shown on the 69 Topps set with the Red Sox. he would never Topps cardboard as a Pilot.

Topps forgot about Jerry for the 1970 set, but he did only see two games as a Pilot in 1969. He would play for the Dodgers in 1970 and be done so the 1971 card would be a final tribute card for Jerry. Jerry's dad was a catcher for the NY Giants, Chicago White Sox and Cubs from 1943-1947. Sadly, Jerry passed away in June of 2010.

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